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Monthly Archives: November 2006

According to gamespot 1 in 9 mmorpg players are addicted…

The good news is my Human Warlock is now level 22 :).


Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who reads this!

I seem to have caught another cold and ear ache while I was at my sister’s place. I should really stay away from kids :).

I found the receipt for the last fill up on the YZF600R – 149.2 miles and I put 3.395 gallons in which makes 43.95 miles per gallon :).

I got a lot done this weekend – I put like 120 miles on the bike for instance. I went down to Fred Meyers and noticed people lining. I asked what was going on and they said that the new Nintendo Wii was going on sale that night. So I got in line :). I ended up with one, but I put it on eBay since I noticed at the time (this doesn’t seem to be true now…) they were going for more than the asking price ($250).

I suppose worse comes to worse I don’t meet the reserve and I end up with a new console. Still $250 is a lot of money so if anyone is interested in it – definitely let me know.

Tomorrow I head down to Stream to hang out with the technicians who work there. Hopefully there will be enough for me to do.

One issue I’ve been working on lately is how to roll out patches for Creative Suite CS2. Its a rather complicated process since the original installers for the CS2 apps (Photoshop, InDesign etc) are Windows Installer based where the patches are a mix of Windows Installer, and Installshield projects.

So I wrote this big huge script in vb to roll it all out, and it works on a single user machine. I handed it off, but apparently doesn’t work in SMS. No problem I say – I can test inside SMS here. I can’t however because to fix an issue with the ethernet card on my Linux machine I upgraded the kernel. What does this have to do with SMS you say? The Linux machine runs VMWare server and it has kernel drivers that hook into linux networking and it broke after the kernel upgrade.

So I get the new kernel source – however in 2.6.18 doesn’t work anymore. They changed the location of the kernel version from include/linux/version.h to include/linux/utsrelease.h. I found that they updated vmware sever recently – so I picked that up and installed it – changed the version in utsrelease.h (since Fedora Core 5 uses strange kernel version numbers) re-ran and it worked! Pictured below is it booting remotely.

Here’s some pictures I took at the park today. I put a Sailormoon graphic on the wheel cowling :).

Wacko and I had a whole load of fun playing WoW today :). Took a group photo before logging off around 1am.

These are pretty funny to read >

Watching South Park last night something seemed familiar about the intro. Check it out:

And then:

Its Buck Rogers! I remember watching this tv show growing up! Then in 1987 when they were still airing the re-runs my dad said "well I guess that didn’t happen" and that’s the last episode I ever saw.

Here’s a feature some people may not know about. Acrobat 8 supports 2D acceleration via your video cards GPU. There’s only one requirement – your video card needs to support pixel shader 3. The preference is under Edit > Preferences > Page Display… If your video card doesn’t support shader 3 you will not see this option.

Does it help? Quite a bit – you can zoom in and out of the document without losing text or quality, redraw speed is improved quite a bit and you can pan across even the most complex PDF file smoothly.

Why do you show me a good view of my shoulders? I rather see oncoming cars. Riding down the freeway at 70 mph without being able to really see behind one’s self is rather disconcerting. I got two of those after market mirrors people use on cars to see blind spots. They do help me see what’s behind me which is good.

On another note – I picked up a Xenosaga CD and it has KOS-MOS’s theme song on it :). I think by far she is the best game character ever.