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Monthly Archives: December 2006

The Wacko got me the greatest Christmas Gift the other day:

If you want to see a full size version of this picture check out > the Gallery version.


From Commodore and all of us here at Nekomimi Mode:

(interesting tidbit – at the end they play the Commodore "theme" song – Invention 13 by Bach)

Spotted this on Youtube the other day,

Its been a rough weekend. The electricity went out on Friday. It’s Sunday and its still not back online.

By biggest worry is the cold – it got down to like 25 deg last night.

I got lucky yesterday – found a Coleman stove at Fred Meyers – I guess they are too complicated for the average layman. Its a hack, but you can make these run on regular gasoline. The only side effect is it smells like your old 1970 Plymouth Fury exhaust. Oh well – at least I got something to eat :).

Today I’m going to look for firewood, or failing that a bow saw to make some firewood (there’s lots of downed trees and branches nearby).

And for those who are curious – I’m writing this from work.

Last night after I went to sleep the power went out. The ups eventually died and my file server went offline.

Last I checked the power is still out :(. On the way into work I noticed a tree fell onto the Shell station down the road.

Still – wasn’t much rain, and asides from those two things I seem largely unaffected.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I ate something at lunch today that made me feel kinda ill.

Tommorow I drop my bike off for 500 mile service :).

According to this article Microsoft lobbied the State of Massachusetts to shore up support for a bill that would limit the power of the state
Information Technology Division.

For most engineering firms – like Microsoft, implementing ODF (Open Document Format) support for a really big customer like the State of Massachusetts isn’t a matter of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire lobbyist to create laws to prevent the state IT organization from switching to a different word processor effectively locking them into the Microsoft Word format (key thing to take away from Microsoft Word – it can import over 30 different formats, but only saves .doc files…). It’s a matter of sitting down and saying something like – how about a version of Word that opens as well as saves ODF files? In fact that’s what they tried to do – long before they declared ODF a state standard Microsoft engineers said incorperating ODF support into Word would be "trivial" – however Microsoft instead played hardball.

The article is somewhat unclear as to why they stopped, but I suspect it is because of negative press.

Is Microsoft a monopoly? Apparently the answer is yes.

I didn’t know this but you can go fishing in WoW :).