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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Acrobat Capture 3 is an often forgotten program Adobe made around 99-2000. The last update to it was made 3 years ago. I mention it because I got my first call on it in maybe 4 years. I have a certian fondness for the program, my very first support call ever was for Capture.

Ready for an Acrobat Capture 3 Easter Egg? The program is obscure enough that you probably won’t find this on any of those Easter Egg sites :). Click Help > About – let the credits scroll all the way through. At the end there’s a nifty picture of the product engineers:

There’s at least one other Easter Egg in the program too – if someone wants it let me know :).


So I admit – I haven’t put anything on this site for – well like the 1st. Its only what 2 weeks? Not much new going on. There’s a lot of stuff going on at work, new products to work on etc. I still have a lot of escalations to deal with as well. I don’t get presidents day off.

Last Friday I managed to get my Warlock up to Level 70. Did it in 19 played days.


Jumped in joy for a while :).


Some bad news – I seem to have lost my eyeglasses.

I hate to over-do it on Warcraft stuff, but we managed to pull off the Dreadsteed of Xoroth quest :). Its basically the "Epic Mount" in the game – mainly a lot faster than the regular mount.

Couple of things that made it easier were that we were all high level. I was the lowest level in the group – 62. Its a Level 55-60 dungeon/quest. Others were 65-68. Special thanks to my guild "Company of Heroes" it wouldn’t have been possible without the best tank, healers and dps classes in the game :).