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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Upgraded to Contribute 4.11 – only problem so far is it didn’t want to download the template for WordPress. No biggy though.

Haven’t been up to too much lately – working hard mostly. This weekend I think I’ll be down in Portland.


Sakura-con was for the most part fun. I think this will however be my last time I go, unless a friend wanted to it. Its just way to difficult to do alone anymore.

Sakura-con is still better organized than Anime-Expo, but just barely. I really think their “staff” need more training. You can 10 of them the same question and get either a “I dunno”, “no just line up”, “you’ll need a pass for that” etc. Rather than focus on that however I’ll just break it down to things I liked – things I didn’t like.

Cons: Preferential seating for hotel guests. This was a lousy way to promote hotels, a better way would have been to take a page from Anime-Expo – hold in hotel events for convention attendees. Preferential seating was basically a big screw you to all the locals who have supported this convention for years.

Pros: Excellent events, M.O.V.E was really cool. Having one guy sell CD’s for 30,000+ fans = bad idea.