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Monthly Archives: May 2007

I probably shouldn’t be writing this, but something awful is going to happen at work tommorow.

Management in general is bad at hiding their intentions, but when your boss schedules a meeting with everyone and their boss gets moved to some fluff position outside your department you can’t help but think something is amiss.

Anyhow I can’t sleep…


Lately I’ve been so tired – most all the time. I think I’m getting enough sleep, so I’m not sure whats wrong. Its definately affecting work – I have a hard time typing complete sentences etc. Even this I had to re-read to make sure it was readable.

So what does my WoW character look like? Thats a question I get a lot (okay twice) so here she is:

Yeah I’m a guy who plays a girl online. I don’t do this because I like people flirting with me online (I’ve been told I look hot twice…), but I just liked the female models better. Without her helmet her hair is white. I think thats very fitting for a caster.

If you’ve never played an RPG – let me explain why this is so cool :). Normally in boss fights you have healers (Priests) healing a main tank who is holding agro so DPS (damage per second) classes can take the target down. Its a bit more complex than that, but thats the jist of any event like this. Onyxia is a dragon that can usually one or two hit any priest. I know its an old video, but its still cool.

An algorithm!

And I do sincerely apologize. Spotted that on Slashdot.