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Monthly Archives: June 2007

I admit it – I have bought at least two player guides for WoW. Neither of these are illegal, or even associated with gold selling or farming. They are basically big PDF files that guide you through their topic in question. One I feel pretty good about, the next not so much (it’s still good info). Here’s a quick review so you can decide whether these are worth it or not.

The first is the Alliance 1-70 guide by Brian Kopp. I’m not an affiliate so you can consider this review somewhat unbiased.

The short: If you’re new to the game it’s pretty nice – almost essential. Especially if you don’t have friends to level with.

Basically what the guide does is it helps you be in the right places at the right time, and preempt any items you’ll need for future quests to save time. You won’t actually hit lvl 60 in 5 days, but you will beat people – even veterans – to lvl 60. My played time on my warlock was 8 played days (which works out to a month or so of on and off playing). Time to 70 was 19 played days. You won’t find yourself needing this guide at all for 60-70 unfortunately since the quests in outlands are much more linear. What surprised me however is that the time it takes to go from 1-60 is about the same time it takes to go from 60-70.

The guide does have a lot of typos and missing info, so be prepared to cross reference everything on Thottbot. One nice thing about this is the PDF he gives you basically has links to all the items, and quests in thottbot so you won’t have to go very far.

Don’t want to pay for the guide, but want to level fast? Here’s the secret: don’t screw around – always be working on a quest. Does it work? I think so – one of the players I met early on and in the guild was higher level than me. Well he hit lvl 70 a few weeks ago, and I already have another character that is 4 levels away from 70 – so yeah it works.

The second is Luke Brown’s Cash Creating Guide for WoW. Once again I’m not affiliate of his so I get nothing for the link.

The short: The first half is somewhat useless as it covers old world drops – which I’ve found that while they still sell in the WoW AH – they aren’t worth grinding for – especially if your at lvl 70. The exceptions being mageweave cloth, runecloth, and rugged leather. Soloing instances may get you a lot of money, but I think the daily quests and grinding might be more worthwhile.

The second half is much more useful since it covers WoW expansion drops. I have noticed it needs to be updated somewhat as the game mechanics have shifted – as well as the prices. The guide – which I read end to end – keeps referring to the expansion and how the market is going to change as everyone levels to 70. I think everyone who has a lvl 60 character has leveled to 70 and is pretty focused on what end-game content they have access to at this point.

Want to know the deep dark secret to making insane amounts of money in WoW? Whatever trade craft you picked – find what sells, and grind for it. Also – find and sell lots of motes – which everyone can pick up. I’d also add (which the guide does not really cover) with the daily quests in patch 2.1.x – do those – you’ll pick up an easy 100-150g a day between the quest rewards and drops you pick up.

To be fair the guide does go into detail where various high priced items drop, and where to pick them up without facing a whole lot of other players. Example: motes drop very frequently in the elemental plain – however everyone knows this so its probably the most farmed location in the game. What you may not know is that those motes drop plenty of places elsewhere (I actually did know that prior to reading this…).

It wouldn’t be a good post without a catgirl of some kind:


Fun video >

This doesn’t get old too quickly – but I noticed that Publish-It! Is still around! They probably never sell many copies of this because of the name… For a 2.5 meg app – its okay, but I found it to be pretty buggy compared to apps like InDesign, PageMaker or Microsoft Publisher.

What happened at work? Turns out my intuition was correct. I still have a job, but its going to be tough. If it wasn’t for my love of catgirls I’d probably go crazy.