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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Today was the Starcraft and Warcraft 3 world championship. Starcraft was the WCG invitational featuring two Korean guys at their peak. It was really fascinating and fast paced. These guys were going at about 300+ clicks per minute.

The Warcraft 3 event was between a Korean and Norwegian player – really amazing matches as well.

I met a really cute model at the NVidia booth – and got a signed autograph 🙂 – I’ll scan it in later.

Copied Momopi (lvl 70 Druid) and Verit (lvl 70 Warlock) to the event realm to play WoW 3 in Northrend. It was cool to be able to level again, on the other hand there wasn’t much to see at all. Also – you can’t fly in Northrend yet either.

Shirts. I got a ton of shirts – a Warlock shirt, Druid shirt, Blood Elf shirt, Lich King Shirt, NVidia shirt, WoW TCG shirt, and Blizzcon shirt.

Tomorrow I head home – to rest from the convention itself :).


Blizzcon is pretty fun. Its not as large as Anime Expo – even though its held in the same venue (Anahiem Convention Center) its still a lot of fun.

Interesting tidbits about WoW 3.x:

New Zone Northrend:

For those of you who haven’t played Warcraft 3 – this is where Arthas lives.

Level cap was raised to 80 – its something like 841,000+ exp from 70 to 71. Should take two weeks to get both of my Lvl 70’s to lvl 80.

There’s a new hero class – the Death Knight. The Death Knight is like a warrior, but with wildly different stats. You won’t be able to use him either – until you reach lvl 80 and complete a quest line – not at all unlike the warlock mount quest (their words!). Once completed you get a Death Knight – that starts at lvl 60 – not lvl 1.

Fun pictures:

Warlock figure – which will be availble later this year wearing Tier 5 armor.

Cute Blood Elf figure – also availble later this year.

Night Elf Druid statue. Interesting story about this – when I first visited Blizzard’s office this statue was in the net-ops room.

Wrath of the Lich King poster/logo.

Concept art for Northrend instance.

Bad news: You can’t get this scene on a poster yet. Good news: You can get this on a mouse pad. I picked that up :).

There weren’t too many people dressed up, but these two were. On the left – a warlock in tier 5 armor and on the left a Druid in the same tier armor.

Inside all the lights were off – makes us geeks look better? Anyhow after I asked if I could take their picture I asked if they were twins – and they are :).

Wouldn’t be a convention if there wasn’t at least one catgirl – yes this wasn’t taken at Anime Expo the previous year…

Sitting here waiting in the airport on my way to Irvine. Should be fun. Now a trip with me wouldn’t be a trip without some disaster. And here it is: I seem to have lost my phone…