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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Made it to Scotland ok :). My dad is still in the hospital, and last week I have to admit I was really worried about him. Today however he seems to be doing much better.

Here’s some pictures:

Brigadoon – on the right hand side is the famous city that appears every 100 years.

My mum in front of Robbie Burns house.

Lovely bridge along the Leigh River – which runs right through town. Its a nice walk, and you don’t even know you are in the middle of a city for the most part.

Telfer Wall – with the Edinburgh Castle and old town in the background.

Dundee United vs. Midlothian Hearts – Dundee was visiting and won 3-1. It was quite the adventure – English football fans are a rabid bunch.

Waverly Station

Lovely flower in the botanical garden in Edinburgh.

Massive hedge at the same garden.

Mum at the same garden.