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Monthly Archives: December 2007

World of Warcraft there are several battlegrounds (or bg’s as the locals call them). They are cross realm instances (meaning they cover a huge amount of people) where players of both factions (Horde/Alliance) do battle. Every player you “kill” gives you honor points (usually 8) which you can save up and buy stuff with. Horde almost always win… Not sure why, but lately I’ve been taking screenshots and I have a theory:

wowscrnshot_120907_203409.png wowscrnshot_120907_205726.png

See the patten? The Alliance is inherantly lazy. The first screenshot I came in late at the last flag capture – still managed to get 23 hk’s (honorable kill), and come in pretty high in damage done.


I saw this email in my junk folder:


Normally I’m like delete, but then I was like – I did give the IRS a lot of money and I’m always short a bit of cash. Turns out it takes you to a site hosted off – they probably rely on an older security flaw in your browser.

Why was I fooled? The email doesn’t even have a To:  line :(. I’m getting rusty.

Computer History Museum in California has its own Youtube channel. To kick it off – they put a 92 minute celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Commodore 64. Thats not all – the main event -they interview Jack Tramiel. Jack has in the past had a no Commodore interview policy – so this is one of the first interviews I’ve ever seen with him since the downfall of both Atari and Commodore (in 94).

Check it out,

For those of you who know me – I’ve always had a certain fondness for the Commodore 64, and the Commodore 128. While they may have been hacked together machines, there’s something about them that demands a lot of respect today.

When I was in Scotland I read about a new bike from Suzuki GSX650F – which is a budget sport touring bike. You can read all about it here – or search Youtube for videos of it. I like the way it looks, I like the riding position and it has good economy (around 55-60 mpg). Its also very comfortable.

I’m thinking maybe I should get one to replace the Yamaha that was stolen :).

There’s a lot of snake oil when it comes to stereo equipment and Hi-Fi retailers. This one however takes the cake – Machina Dynamica.

Of their offerings I find the following the most hillarious. Intelligent Box: what this is supposed to do is treat cd’s (and DVD’s, SACD etc) and improve the audio quality. Anyone who thinks this actually works – doesn’t understand how a cd works.

The Clever Little Clock – basically a 200$ timex (from the pictures I’ve seen on the net) digital clock that is “specially tuned” so that when you place it near Hi-Fi equipment it clears up audio and pictures. Mmmkay. There’s even dire warnings on replacing the batteries it come with regular ones.

Codename Turquoise – how do I put this – basically some cardboard paper you glue in your CD player tray to reduce the “stray scatter laser light” inside the player. Again – you really should read up on how CD players work before buying this.

I could go on. If you do any research into the quotes they source (they are rare, but exist) – you’d find they are largely made up. For instance I can’t find anywhere where Hi-Fi news has reviewed any of their products – or if they did the reviews were pulled off their site, but Hi-Fi news is quoted repeatedly.

I think these sites are perpetuated by the same people who think tube amps, or vinyl records sound better than their solid state counterparts. The fact is – a cd is made of binary information – its either on or its off. Digital sound is made up of thousands of samples per second stored in this binary information. If you did have an issue with light scatter in your cd player, and for some reason that was an issue – your cd would simply not play properly. The Intelligent Box is supposed to (from the reviews I read – not on the site itself) change the way polymers adhear to the disk to increase fidelity. Again – binary information. There’s no real way to change what is on a cd already. If the information cannot be read properly the cd will not play.