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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Tools for Wellness is one of these sites that sells expensive cures to problems we all have in life. This sounds simple enough, however most of these things are placebos at best, dangerous at worst. It may sound innocent, but someone is getting rather wealthy off these items. They removed it, but they had a copper bar on their used to protect land etc – for $300.

BTW – if you want to protect yourself from electronic fields, my brother in-law has a copperĀ  clad room (at Intel) that works quite well. To be honest standing inside it with the door closed felt no different that standing outside it, except my cellphone quit working.


Krispy Cream Cheeseburger… As if Krispy Cream’s weren’t gross enough – someone had the brilliant idea of putting a cheeseburger, with bacon in a glazed doughnut.

People wonder why American’s are so obese…

So I’ve been a State Farm customer for a while, but recently I missed a bill. I probably lost it during the move :(. Anyhow they dropped me as a customer – and told me frankly that I’d be better off getting a policy with another company since they were going to sign me up as a new customer – for a considerable amount. Then she told me – "I’ll be honest you’re probably better off with another provider" – so I switched, but its not cheaper than what I was paying. Oh well – live and learn :(.