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Monthly Archives: April 2008

First of all I have to apologize for not updating this blog lately. Its just I’ve been so busy… I’ll just run down the list. Pretty much the only people who will even see this are those who have this blog on rss.


I’m kind of neurotic – at work things are falling off the table (figuratively) left and right for quite some time now. It’s been almost a year since they did the re-org and fired most of the team. We lost one member, almost lost another and will probably lose another at the end of the year. I scramble around to get things done to look good because sadly if stuff doesn’t get done I get the blame. Certain people I work with seem to think engineering can fix every single bug they escalate no matter how big or small the customer. It also seems no-one there knows just how long researching, testing and writing up these issues takes.


Trying to find the insurance paperwork on the stolen motorcycle, which is stressing me out – I know its in my mess somewhere.


Its fun – plus it helps take the edge off life. Its especially fun to play with friends. I should probably cut back though – I realized this as I have 3 level 70 characters (max level in the game) and 2 level 60+ characters. I quit the guild Dragonfire because I didn’t think they took it seriously, but then what does that mean (its supposed to be a game after all)? They usually chose players who were in their immediate family over those who had better gear and better skills for raids. I’d like to do some of the more challenging 25 man instances, but to be honest with my job I really think it would be more of a burden right now – however fun it may be. Lately I’ve been playing Alterac Valley on my warlock – its fun, and you can do it solo, but you do have to check your dignity at the door because you go up against other players – often better equipped than you.

Screwing around:

So… (I’m being silly here) I found out a way to browse the net on my phone… I’ll have to write that up on here. The Nokia N95 is rather capable – it even works with Youtube and has a full Internet browser (I say this because if you watch Apple iPhone ads you’d think they have a monopoly on this). Oddly enough playing with your phone during boring meetings looks far more suspicious than playing with your computer during boring meetings.


You’d think I’d have a general disdain for Apple products in general. I’m typing this on a Powerbook actually – so there you go. I’ve never been baptized in the church of Apple however and I’m not afraid to point out their products flaws. The Powerbook (and Macbook by association) are flawed in a lot of different ways. The glowing light when its on standby is annoying if the computer lives in your bedroom, the lack of a second mouse button, and the fact that I frequently open it up – upside down (at first glance its hard to tell which side is up) are some of the minor annoyances these machines have. The computer is freezing at first to put on your lap, and gradually becomes extremely hot is another major flaw. I’ve actually gotten in the habit of putting a blanket on my lap before putting the laptop on my lap. It also seems to stuggle playing back video – especially Flash videos which is unfortunate as I love to browse Youtube for fun.

Anyhow there you go – have a wonderful week :).