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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Here’s some pictures I took from Ottawa:

The Canadian government is very efficent. This is the lawn out in front of Parliment Hill – its quite large. This guy was really going back and forth across it.

Canadian parliment – this is the seat of power in Canada.

The original peace tower (in the background) burned to the ground at the stroke of midnight it fell and this bell was left there as a reminder of what happened. Interestingly enough the bell itself was made in New York (thats what it says at least).

Parliment library on the left.

Parliment hill cat santuary – didn’t see any cats unfortunately.

View from Parliment Hill – thats the Ottawa River on the right.

View from on top of the Peace Tower.

One of the few pictures that turned out ok. This is the Senate debate chamber. Its kind of like the House of Lords in the UK. All these people are appointed by the majority party and the main opposition and they have strict rules for attendance etc. The House of Commons chamber was occupied in closed session – so I couldn’t take any pictures :(.

Thats pretty much it. What was I doing in Ottawa? Well I was visiting the Tier 2 agents at Adobe. The Adobe office in Ottawa is where a lot of work is done for developing and supporting Livecycle products. Last year they moved the Tier 2 support for Acrobat, and all of the Creative Suite products there as well.