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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Why is it ok to hand out 700 billion dollars to corperations who knew the risks of a public and volitile market, but not ok to hand out 700 billion dollars to fund public education (including universities), fund health care in this country (we spend more than any other country on earth on healthcare, but get worse results), or help veterans from foriegn wars get back on their feet?

Think about it – if the free market, and capitolism are ideals you hold true these people shouldn’t be bailed out.

John Stewart may call this move – the red hand of Stalin, but its more facist than it is communist if you think about it for a minute. Public financing of private corperations isn’t all that different than what totalitarian governments frequently engage in.

And no oversight? Come on – if I loan someone 20 dollars I at least expect them to pay me back ;).


Penny Arcade Expo was a lot of fun. I think there were more companies pushing MMO’s than previous years – which is always exciting. Warhammer Online looked exactly like WoW, Lord of the Rings also looks an awful lot like WoW. I think the only game that didn’t was Eve Online from CCP. My brother Jason got to preview the next Need for Speed game – which looks kinda fun. There were few cute girls operating booths which I tried to get pictures of:

Random cosplayer – clue what she is dressed up as :(.

Main character from X-Blades from South Peak Interactive. Never played the game – looks pretty dull.

One of the babes from the Nokia booth. They had demos of their n-gage games on their phones.

Another Nokia girl – they actually had maybe 8 of them?

Ooh another girl? Yup – its a model of Onyxia.

The PC tournament.

The draw tommorow’s Penny-Arcade comic. This event is always popular.

My brother testing the new Need for Speed game. It actually crashed on him – the tech blamed it on the Xbox overheating.

You’re truely driving home for the day :).

At PAX this weekend I played a new mmo from NCSoft called Aion. It looks very beautiful. I got an invite card to go to their “lan party” where I got to play it for 2 hours (I think) where I basically got to create a new character and play in the starting zone. I think I made it to level 4? Overall it was pretty fun.

The good:

Very pretty graphics engine. I guess in later zones you can fly around – I didn’t have a chance to test this. The controls are very similar to WoW – I’d suggest implementing some of the camera features in WoW as well (example: left mouse button to change the player view of the character – which is very useful in pvp, right mouse button to change the character view of the world – this was working).

The bad:

I actually found several bugs, but was never able to report them. One was – any quest that had scroll bars you couldn’t accept until scrolling all the way to the bottom. The other bug I ran into – is I was grouped with my brother – and sometimes while running along he’d be facing me (running forwards, but going backwards).

By far however the most annoying bug was if you spammed any spells – sometimes they would cancel casting. Not good – all this means really is that if you don’t time your casts properly you’ll screw up your casting timer and do less dps because you’ll be waiting for the global cooldown.

I’m sure they will iron out these issues since they were really obvious. Ultimately it will come down to what the dungeon, raid and pvp experience is if it is going to compete with WoW or not.