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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Funny story – everyone in the comments on this video are like “what is this song?” I actually have it on a David Pearce collection I picked up in Whales.

Very pretty, but I’m holding my breath until the reviews come out. There are certian cultural traditions that come with games made in Korea, and they tend to clash what I consider good design philosophy – for example – requiring tons of grinding, effort or time to get even the smallest things done.

Also – why did no-one heal that poor caster? I felt bad for her…


The problem with being unemployed is that you get so sodding bored. Yeah if you’re at home all day and play enough video games and watch enough movies – life does become boring. One really depressing fact on my most recent situation is my "career" in technical support (I use the term lightly, because honestly – I rather do something else, just not sure what) is I started working at Stream – was being paid $10.30 the day I left for GTS Services as a consultant there (other than working with computer consultants – those guys are asses btw – it was a fun job) for I think $18.00 per hour, when I got a call from an old colleague now working at Adobe. Adobe was a salaried position, and every year I got top raises for performance and several bonuses – I made a lot of departments happy and I made a lot of really big customers happy (and some of them let my bosses know this!). I won’t say how much I was making because its embarrassing now, and probably the reason they axed me (among other things) – at least it help me pay off my numerous debts and actually start saving money. It was a great place to work and I learned a TON about the software industry, software development and product management and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything really.

Anyhow I applied for a few jobs last week – most in technical support. One at a call center called <excised> – where they handed me a series of questions to answer. How humiliating – I actually felt bad/depressed about the whole process. Here I was – formerly top of the heap tech support wise being asked to answer questions on how I’d handle front line customers. Don’t get me wrong, front line support is THE most important role of any company, but its often the most dumped on and the least respected in any company sadly – doubly so if you are working for an outsourcer. It was true at GTS Services and it’s true at Stream. I didn’t get the job (I assume – because they never called me back after that), but it goes to show just how bad the employment situation is out there.

The whole experience illustrated how rusty I was though in the whole job search process. Its been more than 7 years since I was jobless.

When I first saw this – I’m thinking the Cheyenne Mountain where Noradd is, but its not – its Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment – developers of the new Stargate MMO. Somehow I doubt with their current financial situation the Stargate MMO will ever be published. Here’s an in depth article about their problems:

MMO games are some of the most complicated bits of software (game or otherwise actually – when you consider their architecture) and really should not be done on a small budget. I would say doubly so as it appears some of their employees are disgruntled. I would also add especially in the days of post World of Warcraft.

On that note – no – I still don’t have a new job, but I’m doing OK – other than the lack of sleep.

Raiding can be an emotional thing sometimes – especially when you are trying to kill a boss for the first time, and you’re really not all that ready, or there are players who constantly die to avoidable effects the boss uses.

Take “Gruul the Dragonkiller” – in the guild Dragonfire we weren’t all that great to begin with, our DPS (damage per second) was lackluster at best. Gruul has a simple mechanic – he grows periodically and starts dealing more damage. So its prudent for the raid group to do as much damage as possible before he grows too much and kills our tanks. Eventually around 20 growths or so he’s hitting our tanks for 10k hp per swing – which isn’t easily healable. This particular time most of the raid was dead – there were maybe five of us alive with the boss at 1% – the combat log was saying that the tank was being hit for a lot, but was also dodging a few attacks (it was a druid named Ominovin I believe) boss dies and we celebrate much in the same way as the videos below. I have a habit of looking through the combat log just to see what killed him… behold:


I was surprised enough I took a screenshot. 277 damage – almost brings me to tears :). I should note – I never did once ever die from Gruul’s shatters or any other effect he did in all the times we downed him. Check these out: (none of these are my videos, but I thought they were cool – a small bit of bad language… – like I said – sometimes a bit dramatic) – keep an eye on the shaman in the lower left. – generally just good drama – Ragnaros a good while back was the last boss in the game…

No matter how easy a boss is or becomes – the best times really are when you just barely beat a boss for the first time because it was a deserved kill.