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Monthly Archives: April 2009

I’m thinking of leaving the raiding scene so I can focus on getting my life sorted out, all my excess things sold off or given away and focus on getting a new job that I like (if that means going back to school – so be it). I’m sure the guild will survive without me.

Honestly I get the impression that at least one person I play with – who I thought of as a friend really doesn’t like me all that much, and thinks that because I’ve been unemployed long enough that I’m a lay about not trying hard enough. When it stops being fun to play with your friends – I really think its time to move on. Who knows – I might eventually move to another realm to play with some other people I know. I enjoy the challenge, and I think I’m a good player (it took a while…) and would like to surround myself with other good players.

I’ll probably hand around to finish the various in game “holiday” events because I’m almost done with those achievements anyhow.

Wouldn’t be a post of mine these days without a picture:



Was driving to the grocery store and was listening to an interview between a manager named Muhammad Ali and Dave Beck who host a program called Sound Focus. You can listen to it here. I’ve never met Arpana personally, but of course as I listened it reminded me of Chris and I get teary eyed. Luckily I was in the parking lot of the store.

Earlier that day I ran into a quest in WoW that was a memorial to a man named Dak Krause who died of leukemia and who’s character was reborn as a NPC (non player character). Alicia (another NPC) wrote a poem that you give to Caylee Dak:


(variation of a poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye called “Do not stand at my grave and weep” – which is good advice)

Sadly I believe all these people (Chris included) left before their time. I’d like to think I’m over it, but once in a blue moon things come up and remind me of him and I get all emotional – which proves that I’m not – and I probably won’t ever be. Maybe that’s OK, but sometimes can’t help think it holds me back.

This is really impressive I think:

I like Penny Arcade and I’ve gone to every single Penny Arcade Expo they have held, but one problem I’ve had with them (and a lot of topical web comics in general) is a good chunk of their comics make no sense unless you meet one of two conditions A) you read LOTS of gaming news (even esoteric bits of news like Playstation 3 firmware patch notes) or B) Click the news button on every comic they write and find the context in their blog post – maybe its a sign I’m losing touch with gaming in general, but I don’t understand most of their comics unless I read their news section – and even then sometimes they don’t add any context so I have to move on with life.

The funny thing is – most political cartoons are the same way – if you don’t have any context they aren’t all that relevant. If you are into politics some political cartoons are hilarious. They probably make more sense to me because they cover topics I overheard on NPR or something.

Long ago I toyed with the idea of going on a tour of North Korea. I read this account and others it sounded very old world. With headlines like this from the BBC it doesn’t sound like they will be around for much longer. I’d still like to go, but it doesn’t really sound possible anymore.

On Slashdot they were talking about the ICBM launch, and someone posted a link to this documentary made in North Korea illegally. A bit of a warning there is nothing wrong with the documentary, but some things on that site are not work safe.

So for those who are curious the way it works is once a year they have a lottery for a set amount of people who are allowed to enter the country. Once every year, no more no less (well sometimes less). You’re not allowed to bring anything 1st world with you except for a regular point and shoot camera – nothing fancy. Anyhow you fly to China and take a plane from there to North Korea and are put up in a hotel on an Island and taken around the country to pre-determined sites.

What I really fail to understand is most of country doesn’t have electricity, and even in Pyongyang electricity isn’t available everywhere and sometimes only partially (this is visible in the documentary above where they are riding around in the subway with the lights off), but they have plenty of resources to launch ICBM’s and do nuclear tests.