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Monthly Archives: September 2009

The only place I ever worked where the machine on my desktop was even remotely comparable to the one I have at home was Adobe. Example – my machine at home is a 2x quad core Xeon machine with 8 gigs of ram and a NVidia GTX-280. One on my desk right now is a 2 core Core 2 Duo with 2 gigs of ram and some ATI video card.

Nothing wrong with that I guess, but I found I get a bit impatient at this machines performance.


I had a lot of at PAX this year, but it will probably be the last time I go. It wasn’t that there were too many people (it was way bigger than Blizzcon actually!), but I feel I don’t get as much out of it back when it was a small local convention.


I’ll miss the super-heroes though :).

I’ve been busy moving, and I finally got a new job – but I have to admit its nothing special. It’s part time (19 hours per week) at Southwestern Oregon Community College managing their lab in the evening. However since the students haven’t started I’ve mostly been doing grunt work (moving stuff around, setting up labs etc).

Saw GI-Joe the movie – it was just like the cartoon/comic and the Baroness is still hot :).