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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Industry Gamers reports that Nintendo Wii sales are down 50% – wow. Many people blame it on the games, or the lack of HD graphics or graphic muscle that the PS3 and Xbox enjoy. I think the games are just fine – the bigger problem are the controls.

I got rid of my Nintendo Wii – because I never could get used to the motion control gimmick. They are so bad that Nintendo releases the MotionPlus addon (which only works in supported games) and even then I’ve read it isn’t all that great. Search Google for “Wii terrible controls” – you’ll be surprised how many hits come back with people complaining about controls on the Wii.

I think the lesson here is motion controls are fine for certain kinds of games (exercise, virtual sports etc), but leave traditional proven controls to the pro’s (d-pad controllers) – don’t build a console based on a single metaphor.

Here is an article by Kotaku that basically says the same thing.