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Monthly Archives: April 2010 – has a pretty good article on why a sport bike isn’t a good beginners motorcycle. I happen to agree with a lot of the points made, but oddly enough it wasn’t how I started – and I wouldn’t recommend you take that bit of text at face value. My first bike was a Yamaha YZF-600R – which is quite a beast actually. It was fast enough that you really had to hold on if you were accelerating at not even 30-40% of top throttle.

And make no mistake – sport bikes are really just street legal racing bikes. The article mentions how you could buy a bike in a dealership and make it race worthy and win races in one afternoon – which seems plausible.

Ego does get in the way of recommendation – I’d be hesitant to recommend the GSX 650F I ride now to anyone new at this. It’s a very powerful bike, and without a lot of attention on the road I can see myself getting into trouble. Honestly though – if you were a responsible lad, had done all the safety classes, what genuinely interested in motor biking (not just because you saw some cool video of someone doing tricks and decided it was for you) I would totally recommend a 600-1000cc bike.

Every now and then I hear about some kid locally who bought a bike (or more likely his parents bought a bike) didn’t realize that 1/16th of a inch on the throttle can mean about 4k more RPM ran it off the road and messed himself up. I think someone posted on that same forum that he finds salvage bikes all the time at a store near where he works and that one had 2 miles on it before it was wrecked. That’s a bike that didn’t even make it home from the dealership.


I’m one of those people who liked Symbian OS. It was an elegant OS with open development model – which meant if you wanted to write it – Symbian would run it – despite what Nokia said. This was a stark contrast to Apple who to this day maintains strict control over what apps can run on their phones. So I really liked all my Nokia phones, until the N97 came along. I bought it without question – however I admit to regretting that decision.

This article I spotted confirms that notion:

"The N97 has been a tremendous success for us when it comes to how many we have shipped and how much money we did collect, but it has been a tremendous disappointment in terms of the experience quality for the consumers and something we did not anticipate. It happens every now and then in a big company, like Nokia, even if you have the most stringent quality control mechanisms. Something slips, and you notice one thing, [it] leads to another thing, you fix that, and actually you make things worse and so forth… and this has been an unbelievable cycle of things for us that has taken far too long to repair and mitigate.”

I guess thanks for being honest with us. I’ll tell you what’s worse though – losing a customer by losing trust in a brand or a product. There was a time when you could buy a Nokia flagship product and know that it was solid. The UI (like all things Symbia) probably wasn’t perfect, but it never crashed, had lots of cool features and tons of talk time. I probably couldn’t buy another Nokia phone unless every single review knocked it out of the park.

I’m pretty much convinced Derek Smart’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. I had my doubts back in the Battle Cruiser 3000 vs. the Internet saga, but these recent rants confirm it.

Which begs the question – how does he keep getting investors to give him money? The more insane the pitch – the more money? I still can’t say his name with out saying “Desktop Commander”:

There’s a lot of debates floating around the internet over the iPhone and Flash. Here’s an example. A lot of it is rather frustrating since it is miered in rhetoric. While most people won’t read this – its probably worth writing down for posterities sake. Having actually played with Flash development tools (not so much the authoring tool that comes with CS4) I thought it worth commenting on.

1. Flash is unstable

I honestly cannot remember the last time it crashed for me. I guess it might be unstable if your machine has several not up to date versions of the runtime installed.

2. Flash eats the battery alive

Maybe on the Mac which doesn’t have support for hardware acceleration. When I used to use a Mac as my main machine I never really did understand this – why Apple wouldn’t make the API public for 3rd party apps to use hardware acceleration on the video card. There apps can use it (Safari and the DVD player – but that is about it), but 3rd party apps cannot. In fact if you want to play back video on OSX you have to do so over the Quicktime libraries – which don’t support hardware acceleration. Maybe Apple does this deliberately to cripple Flash.

As a matter of fact – Hulu running in HD mode on my ancient Dell Optiplex 745 uses around 15-20% of the cpu resources – where playing video on my Mac in any program outside of Safari uses over 95% of the cpu, not just in Flash. Sounds like Steve should blame is OS engineers for the cpu time wasted.

No the reality is that Flash is an application platform these days – not at all unlike Java (which has also been barred from the iPhone). If Flash ran on the iPhone it would open up the device to applications that ran on it over the web without app-store approval and revenue. I suspect it’s as simple as that.

Coos Bay is like this microcosm where nothing is like anything else outside of this area. It is its own culture. This isn’t necessarily a good thing in all cases, but its something to be very aware of if you live here. If you’ve lived here for long enough you may not be ready for life outside of Coos Bay.

People here like trucks – big ones. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you might have trouble parking if you live in another city. Its ok to complain all the time about gas prices as well if you drive one.

1980’s vintage Camero’s and Firebirds (or Trans-am for that matter) are not cool cars. This is especially true if every single panel on your car is a different color and held together with zip ties.Camaro

Yelling at co-workers can sometimes get you fired at a company. Yelling at other people when you don’t like something is generally considered taboo in the outside world.

Parking stuff on your yard makes a statement – that you are a hillbilly living in the city. To really make a statement – try digging up your yard (front or back!). Double points if you have a boat and also park that in your yard.09262009023

We shouldn’t kid ourselves. Mobile homes – especially anything made pre-1989 are metal shacks. If they were any closer together we’d have our own ghettos.

You may not get so far in life sitting at home all day long eating beef jerky and watching television.

Still there are cities that have it worse off than Coos Bay…