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I’m one of those people who liked Symbian OS. It was an elegant OS with open development model – which meant if you wanted to write it – Symbian would run it – despite what Nokia said. This was a stark contrast to Apple who to this day maintains strict control over what apps can run on their phones. So I really liked all my Nokia phones, until the N97 came along. I bought it without question – however I admit to regretting that decision.

This article I spotted confirms that notion:

"The N97 has been a tremendous success for us when it comes to how many we have shipped and how much money we did collect, but it has been a tremendous disappointment in terms of the experience quality for the consumers and something we did not anticipate. It happens every now and then in a big company, like Nokia, even if you have the most stringent quality control mechanisms. Something slips, and you notice one thing, [it] leads to another thing, you fix that, and actually you make things worse and so forth… and this has been an unbelievable cycle of things for us that has taken far too long to repair and mitigate.”

I guess thanks for being honest with us. I’ll tell you what’s worse though – losing a customer by losing trust in a brand or a product. There was a time when you could buy a Nokia flagship product and know that it was solid. The UI (like all things Symbia) probably wasn’t perfect, but it never crashed, had lots of cool features and tons of talk time. I probably couldn’t buy another Nokia phone unless every single review knocked it out of the park.


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  1. You should get a blackberry :). I just got a new pearl flip and I’m off to a much better start than w/my previous phone. Despite the rocky beginnings, though, the first blackberry survived 2 years and BEING HIT BY A CAR. I could be a blackberry spokesperson ;p.

    I bid my old phone a fond farewell, yesterday, and mailed it back to verizon, so they can do something with it, disposal- or refurbishing-wise.

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