Skip navigation – has a pretty good article on why a sport bike isn’t a good beginners motorcycle. I happen to agree with a lot of the points made, but oddly enough it wasn’t how I started – and I wouldn’t recommend you take that bit of text at face value. My first bike was a Yamaha YZF-600R – which is quite a beast actually. It was fast enough that you really had to hold on if you were accelerating at not even 30-40% of top throttle.

And make no mistake – sport bikes are really just street legal racing bikes. The article mentions how you could buy a bike in a dealership and make it race worthy and win races in one afternoon – which seems plausible.

Ego does get in the way of recommendation – I’d be hesitant to recommend the GSX 650F I ride now to anyone new at this. It’s a very powerful bike, and without a lot of attention on the road I can see myself getting into trouble. Honestly though – if you were a responsible lad, had done all the safety classes, what genuinely interested in motor biking (not just because you saw some cool video of someone doing tricks and decided it was for you) I would totally recommend a 600-1000cc bike.

Every now and then I hear about some kid locally who bought a bike (or more likely his parents bought a bike) didn’t realize that 1/16th of a inch on the throttle can mean about 4k more RPM ran it off the road and messed himself up. I think someone posted on that same forum that he finds salvage bikes all the time at a store near where he works and that one had 2 miles on it before it was wrecked. That’s a bike that didn’t even make it home from the dealership.


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