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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Basically you get a really tiny HD camera that records onto a flash card (SD, and it works ok with mini-SD if you have an adapter). It does things like take still photos too or quick action photo’s too.

The video quality itself is quite good – especially for its size. See below:

One of the reasons however I cannot recommend this camera outright is because of the numerous firmware bugs in the camera software and the build quality itself. The build I guess is ok, but it feels like cheap plastic, and the audio quality is so bad I’m not even sure why it bothers recording sound. The firmware bugs are far more annoying.

Bug 1) USB connection is flakey. On more than one PC I switch the camera on while its connected to the PC it connects, disconnects, connects and finally disconnects – and the camera is still on displaying “USB” on the LCD, however you cannot do anything with it (including switch it off) unless you pull the battery out to reset it. The only PC this seems to work on (tested on 3 different machines) is my laptop… In most cases its less painful to just connect the card reader and pop the SD card out of the camera to copy the videos over. Otherwise you’ll find you have to pop the battery out of the camera, turn it back on and try again.

Bug 2) The files it creates are continuous. This by itself isn’t so bad, except most editing apps on Windows will only import files less than 2 gigabytes. In order to edit a 2.5 gig clip (tested on Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premier CS4) I had to use a tool to split the file into 2 gig chunks.

If there is a better camera out there (I don’t know of any really) – wonderful, if not – buy this.