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1161105959016.gifHello and welcome to my blog! My name is Michael. I’m currently unemployed – looking for work :).

If you want to email me – just send me a message at

Here’s my resume:

2005-2008 Adobe Systems (Seattle Washington)

2004-2005 GTS Services (Portland Oregon) – Technical support for glass point of sale applications

2002-2004 Stream International (Beaverton Oregon) – Technical support for graphics software

2000-2002 Rulespace Inc. (Portland Oregon) – Systems administrator

I’ve also worked part time at Matthews Computer Center (defunct), Koalas Computers (defunct), Southwestern Oregon Community College, and Portland State University.



  1. Yo Mike, hope you’re having a great time in Scotland! Everything is going fine here in Washington. Not too much rain at all really. I’m substituting finally…I’ll tell you all about that when you get back. Take care dood!


  2. Hey Michael,

    Glad that you are getting bored stiff. At least you are enjoying your vacation. Lots of VTO here at Stream. They started a new Photoshop class not sure why as they were already sending anyone home who would go. But last week they pulled the plug on the class. Other than that no new news. Chamberlin and Kasenjia will be gone by May and the Ottawa support will be shifted to India. Patrick Leckey has a new job and is a T3 now i guess. Well continue to slack and email me sometime at


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