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Category Archives: Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat Capture 3 is an often forgotten program Adobe made around 99-2000. The last update to it was made 3 years ago. I mention it because I got my first call on it in maybe 4 years. I have a certian fondness for the program, my very first support call ever was for Capture.

Ready for an Acrobat Capture 3 Easter Egg? The program is obscure enough that you probably won’t find this on any of those Easter Egg sites :). Click Help > About – let the credits scroll all the way through. At the end there’s a nifty picture of the product engineers:

There’s at least one other Easter Egg in the program too – if someone wants it let me know :).


Here’s a feature some people may not know about. Acrobat 8 supports 2D acceleration via your video cards GPU. There’s only one requirement – your video card needs to support pixel shader 3. The preference is under Edit > Preferences > Page Display… If your video card doesn’t support shader 3 you will not see this option.

Does it help? Quite a bit – you can zoom in and out of the document without losing text or quality, redraw speed is improved quite a bit and you can pan across even the most complex PDF file smoothly.

Spotted this on the weekend > backdooring PDF files. One thing I noticed is that most of these are folder level javascripts and not document level. Folder level would be that you’d have to compromise the machine before Acrobat could be compromised.


The other thing I noticed was that people are reporting that Xpdf and Foxit Reader don’t have these issues. Of course they don’t – they don’t support Javascript…


Also the notion that you can open a webpage from Acrobat/Reader is nothing new – plus it does warn you before it does open a web page (7 does at least).