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Category Archives: Commodore

Spotted this on Slashdot. Apparently the GOP Chairman in San Diego is allegedly a Fairlight co-founder. Who is Fairlight? To put it simply they cracked copy protection and distributed Commodore 64 games back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Their logo and theme song would pop up when you loaded the game itself – Here’s an example on YouTube. That tune is basically the theme music from a pretty old game called Druid.

Now keep in mind I don’t mind that he did this – actually its quite cool. Its just funny to think how people turn up sometimes.

I’m working on a blog post – Aden vs. Azeroth (or Lineage vs. World of Warcraft) to kind of compare why one game is falling off the MMO radar and the other is seemingly getting larger and larger.


Computer History Museum in California has its own Youtube channel. To kick it off – they put a 92 minute celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Commodore 64. Thats not all – the main event -they interview Jack Tramiel. Jack has in the past had a no Commodore interview policy – so this is one of the first interviews I’ve ever seen with him since the downfall of both Atari and Commodore (in 94).

Check it out,

For those of you who know me – I’ve always had a certain fondness for the Commodore 64, and the Commodore 128. While they may have been hacked together machines, there’s something about them that demands a lot of respect today.

This sad story about a woman being kidnapped in Austria ends with a strange twist >,,1865500,00.html – apparently the kidnapper himself used a Commodore 64 exclusively and forensics experts have no clue how to get the data in a format they can use.


I was thinking if this was a more common scenario I could become an expert computer crimes investigator – since I used one for close to 10 years.