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Category Archives: Genre: Science Fiction

Watching South Park last night something seemed familiar about the intro. Check it out:

And then:

Its Buck Rogers! I remember watching this tv show growing up! Then in 1987 when they were still airing the re-runs my dad said "well I guess that didn’t happen" and that’s the last episode I ever saw.


Went to the Sci-Fi museum in Seattle Center today. It was pretty exciting – a monument to Paul Allen’s sci-fi collection. To be fair, it wasn’t all his stuff – several of the exhibits were on loan from others as well.

Very few Dr. Who items – only thing that comes to mind is a Rifle from the Happiness Patrol starring Sylvester McCoy as Dr. Who. It was surprisingly well crafted.

Paul also had several props from the TV series Red Dwarf as well – including several cans of JMC Leopard Lager.

Other highlights include a model of the Star Trek Enterprise used in the movie (they had several that were used in the tv show too), Captain Kirk’s chair (the actual one) and a model of the Death Star (also actually used in the movie).

Unfortunately they don’t allow photo’s so there’s not much to show for it.