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Made it to Scotland ok :). My dad is still in the hospital, and last week I have to admit I was really worried about him. Today however he seems to be doing much better.

Here’s some pictures:

Brigadoon – on the right hand side is the famous city that appears every 100 years.

My mum in front of Robbie Burns house.

Lovely bridge along the Leigh River – which runs right through town. Its a nice walk, and you don’t even know you are in the middle of a city for the most part.

Telfer Wall – with the Edinburgh Castle and old town in the background.

Dundee United vs. Midlothian Hearts – Dundee was visiting and won 3-1. It was quite the adventure – English football fans are a rabid bunch.

Waverly Station

Lovely flower in the botanical garden in Edinburgh.

Massive hedge at the same garden.

Mum at the same garden.


Sorry about the lack of posts – I’m working on that. I’m jacking a neighbors connection and it seems to have 1000 or more ms latency to the USA. Contribute doesn’t seem to like latency.

My parents connection via Telewest is really quite quick, however my laptop doesn’t seem to want to work on it at all…

I plan to post more pictures time and connection willing :).

I keep worrying about everything back home and at work. I didn’t set my away message apparently – when I called the switch from here it won’t take my access code… DTFM codes must be off somehow – I’ll try again tommorow. UK phones are pretty odd… Not that I get many external calls – but I’m sure I’ll hear about it.

Made it safely to Scotland 🙂 – weather was really nice on Friday and Saturday and my parents took me to Rosslyn Chapel on Friday. We also went to Temple where the knights of Templar are from. Its also where a very distant relative John Craig was buried. On Saturday we went into the highlands of Scotland to look for standing stones and stone circles. We also visited the Scottish Cronag Centre. Cronags are wooden hut like structures that site out on a lake (or a loch) inhabited by the Celtics prior to their conversion to Christianity. Apparently archaeologists are finding more and more artifacts of these people. The stones pictured below are dated between 500-800 AD and created by Picts after they were introduced to Christianity. Dogton stone circle is dated around 800 AD.

This is the Apprentices Column in Rosslyn Chapel. Apparently the apprentice outdid the master who killed him. This was the only column he carved and is unique. Rosslyn Chapel is probably most famous for the movie “The Da vinci Code”.

Temple Chapel It was rebuilt across the street, however it belongs to a rock star now…(which/who? I can’t remember).

Town of Temple – home to the Knights Templar.

Borthwick Castle. This is pretty cool for 200£ you can stay the night there. It has 6′ walls and has been well maintained.

Chrichton Castle – looks really desolate and you have to walk up this dirt road about a mile to get to it, but there’s a gift shop inside…There was a really friendly little dog who wanted to play ball.

Dogton Stone in Fife. Its sitting out in the middle of a freshly plowed field (we got permission to walk out there).

Replica of a Cranog at the Scottish Cranog Centre on Loch Tay. Behind me was what was left of a Cranog that Queen Elizabeth had a picnic at on her honeymoon. It looks like an island, but its mostly small rocks and cranog parts/remains. I have a picture of it, and it will be uploaded to my gallery.

Church in Kenmore next to Loch Tay.

Croft moraig stone circle – it’s sitting in a farmers field – we didn’t go in because of all the ram’s wandering about.

Tayside Bridge covering Tayside Creek. It was built for Wade’s Military Road in 1736 to subdue the highlanders by making it easier to carry equipment into the Scottish Highlands. Its a single lane bridge still used by traffic today.

Dunnfallandy standing stone – dated 550-850 AD carved by the Picts. Its actually in a glass case on the top of a field next to a farm.

Mom and Dad – thanks for driving me out there. Consequently this building is next door to Rosslyn Chapel. A lot of famous people stayed there (I have a list somewhere).

Bye for now. I have tons of pictures actually and I’ll put them all on the gallery when I get time.