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Category Archives: Warhammer Online

I took the plunge and tried out Warhammer Online today with their 7 day free trial. To be honest its not that bad. It does suffer from the worst problem a designer can face working on an MMO however. And that problem is basically the entire time I’m playing I’m actually thinking that I could have more fun playing World of Warcraft.

Oh sure – when first playing WoW was really boring too and I quit playing, but then some friends at work invited me to play with them on their server and that was certainly more fun.

The problem as I see it is three-fold. One is that my friends play WoW, and since playing MMO’s is dull without friends I’m not likely to switch unless they do. Two is I have a max level shaman with tons of nice gear, loads of achievements and its a class I’ve felt attuned to playing. The thought of leveling another character in a different MMO to max level honestly makes me want to have a nap.

Three the game to me still lacks polish in some areas. I tried a number of classes (on both Order and Destruction), but I thought the most broken was the “Shadow Warrior” – she has a bow and an infinite supply of arrows, and when monsters get to close she has a sword to attack at close range. If you started your ranged attack, the mob would start moving in, and if you waited until it was in melee range and tried again it would say the target was too close. However, if you started the ranged attack while the monster was still moving in and finished with the monster right in your face it would let you finish the attack. World of Warcraft hunters don’t get to do this sadly… Her bow doesn’t seem to have a string – its hard to roleplay when your gear doesn’t look or feel remotely finished. Warhammer fans go on about how much better graphics are over World of Warcraft, but to be honest it was about the same or worse depending where you were, that and Warcraft hunters get strings for their bows: